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Whodunit in Waukesha - Clue: The Musical

Was it Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick, or Mrs. Peacock in the ballroom with the wrench? Waukesha Civic Theatre's production of Clue: The Musical brings the classic board game to life, giving patrons their hand at detective work as the story unfolds.

Rachel Krause and Mike Owens

When audiences arrive at the theatre, they are greeted by Evan Crain's set design, which integrates location realism with the angular nature of playing cards and character squares. Paired with Chris Meissner's ambient lighting, the scene draws you into the dusty nostalgia of the board game itself.

However, this musical adaptation has its' pitfalls. Similarly to the game of Clue, once you have a sense of where the plot is going, the content feels redundant. The songs each feel melodically similar to the last, making it hard to distinguish what is new and what is merely reprise. While the suspect interrelations set the scene at the start of the show, eventually scenes stop providing new information and do little to further the plot.

Left to Right, David Jirik, Laura Heise, Thomas Hess, Stacy Kolafa, Rachel Krause, Andrew Byshenk, and Margaret Teshner

Nevertheless, the cast is a true representation of the caricatures in the game. This ensemble piece gives each actor a chance to solo and duet, offering a wide set of opportunities in one production. Highlights include Laura Heise's unrefined Mrs. White, whose thick cockney accent adds refreshing character to the ensemble, and Margaret Teshner's Mrs. Peacock, whose melodrama commands consistent attention.

For long time fans of the murder mystery game, Clue: The Musical is a quirky reminiscence of the many combinations of suspicious killers, weapons, and locations that fill game nights. Come see Ken T. Williams' direction on this piece through March 25th.


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