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Chitty Chitty goes out with a Bang!

It is silly and nonsensical. Maybe you grew up with it - I know I used to watch it on VHS at my grandparent's house. Candies and flying cars and a whole lot of "toots" are sure to make the littles laugh. Bombshell's performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang not only warms and entertains children (and your own childlike nostalgia), but it continues to tickle adult sensibilities.

Eric Welch, Isabella Bloxham, Abby Urban, and Charlie Cornell.

Abby Urban is nothing less than delectable as Truly Scrumptious. She balances the tittering dialect and tender heart of the role on her clear soprano tone. Her performance is absolute birdsong. Fluttering around her are a remarkable young ensemble, led by the boisterous Jemima Potts (Isabella Bloxham) and a cheeky Jeremy Potts (Charlie Cornell).

Becky Cofta and Thom Cauley.

Even in the presence of the talented protagonists, this is a show for the villians. Boris and Goran (Becky Cofta and Thom Cauley, respectively) are clearly audience favorites. Hart Park erupts every time they step onstage - they stumble and trip through rowdy physical comedy, absurd accents, and bizarre shenanigans.

Tim Albrechtson and Madison Nowak.

Cofta and Cauley's lunacy tumbles into the open arms of the Baron and Baroness Bomburst (Tim Albrechtson and Madison Nowak). In Act I, they drop in between scenes with humorous observations to push the story forward. Albrechtson's Baron is a man-child, in the best of ways. In Act II, Nowak's Baroness takes center stage and brings a healthy dose of sass and adult humor to the show, a shot of energy for the grown-ups between the chatter of children.

Choreographer Kara Ernst-Schalk is nothing short of genius. The dancing is pristine - it captures both the quirkiness of the content and the big Broadway feel of the era. The result has patrons falling in love with ensemble numbers.

The sound quality of the show is so-so, but that is to be expected in an outdoor production. Nevertheless, the performances shine through any technical hiccups.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a real treat, from start to finish. Bombshell Theatre Company performs next in their cabaret Let Me Entertain You at Inspiration Studios from August 26th through August 28th.



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